How it works?

We’ve built a platform
to buy and sell Tech valley assets.

ETCH is a platform for the future of funding that powers data for the new equity blockchain.

The ETCH token is the foundation of Tech Valley. It will be the default currency used to develop, build, buy, and sell Tech Valley assets.

The 1st ever launching of ElonTech (ETCH) IDO was done from 1st May to 10th May 2021 at a half-rate discounted price. Subsequently, on 10th May, it was launched on PancakeSwap.

A great opportunity to make a broader audience of ElonTech. We are aiming at connectivity between world-renowned IT sectors. The ultimate goal is to achieve community trust and build the best Tech Valley on planet Earth.

WHY ElonTech

Competitive Advantage

We are proud to introduce ElonTech Tech Valley, an IT-Crypto hub that will be best for IT companies. Know our advantage.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Easy Tech valley asset ownership

Every node has its own token. You can earn tokens by doing validation work.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners provides the best data security.

Read Our Documents

Here are our full documents that help you to understand us.

Future Evaluation TOKENS

ETCH will be released on the basis of the BSC and the Bitcoin platforms. It’s compatible with third-party service wallets, exchanges, etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


April 21, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)

Total Supply


Total Burnt

25,613,478,428,618 - (73.2%)

Total tokens locked (Including Developer's)

1,775,907,743,147 - (5.0770%)

Circulating supply

882528396758 ETCH


Over 700 Billion Tokens

How many X's this year.

Almost 10x Everymonth. Max 56x



Number of Holders

43,391 Holders

Tech Valley Announcement

In Progress (in 2023)

NFT Announcement

In 2023

Initial Token Distribution

Sale Proceed Allocation


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q2 2021

April 2021

Launch of ElonTech Crypto Token

May 1-10

Presale Round 1
DxSale of ETCH tokens

11 May 2021

ElonTech is officially on PanCakeSwap

May 2021

First influencer video

June 2021

Bscscan coin details
Bscscan Logo
Trustwallet Logo

June 2021

CoinMarketCap Listing

June 2021

CMC trending #1

June 2021

5K Telegram members

Q3 2021

July 2021

10K Telegram users
10K holders

July 2021

Audit by Techrate

July 2021

Audit by Certik

August 2021

CMC Airdrop Launch

August 2021

25K Telegram users
20K Twitter followers
15K Holders

August 2021

Coingecko Listing

September 2021

50K Telegram users
20K Twitter followers
15K Holders

September 2021

Team Doxxing - Stage 1

September 2021

Live Show on YouTube

September 2021

Weekly AMA


October 2021

Airdrop distribution

Dec 21

38K holders
Certik Audit
Staking Started
Community locked tokens for 1 Year
Exchanges Coming


Tech Valley Announcement


Team Doxxing - Stage 2,3,4
Staking on PancakeSwap
Over 10 Exchange listings
Start of huge advertising campaigns
Elontech app launch
NFT launch
Game launch
Academy launch


ElonTech Apps

Once you enter our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace.

ETCH is soon launching games, NFTs and going to start more activities that will help to increase the token’s value along with its tech valley mission.

Being a future-oriented token, ElonTech breaks the current trend of DeFi tokens used to lure investors with bells and whistles that rarely provide any benefit to token holders. Binance Smart Chain’s low transaction fees support trading ETCH and are affordable for anyone.

Ownership of the contract was renounced soon after technical aspects clearance. This means that the code cannot be changed by anyone.

  • ETCH assets ownership
  • Tech Valley transfers and more
  • Rental income
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Profit calculations and more

The Leadership Team

The ElonTech team combines a passion for the Crypto world, industry expertise & a proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Professor Jack M
Prof. Jack M
Founder & CEO
Denny Thomas
Robin Hood
Team Lead
Community Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of the most commonly asked questions about ElonTech and its products. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is ElonTech?

The ElonTech token is the foundation of Tech Valley. It will be the default currency used to develop, build, buy, and sell Tech Valley assets.

What is Tech Valley?

A technology based large area of land where all the assets including Lands, Buildings, Merchandise, NFTs will be traded through ETCH.

Where will the Tech Valley be located?

We will launch the first Tech Valley in any part of the Earth by Q4 of 2021.

How can I own assets in the Tech Valley?

After the formation of Tech Valley you can purchase assets in Tech Valley by pledging ETCH Tokens.

Who is team ElonTech?

All the Stakeholders and community members are team ElonTech.

What is the burn ratio of ETCH tokens?

Till now more than 32.9139% of the total supply has been burned.

What is the contract address of ETCH?

Here is the official contract address of ElonTech: 0xc66c8b40e9712708d0b4f27c9775dc934b65f0d9

What makes Elontech different from all other tokens?

This is the first ever token that came up with an idea of building a Tech Valley based on crypto currency.

How can I contact the team?

The team members are available 24/7 on Telegram channel ETCHToken

Who are Spartan warriors?

The core holders and supporters of the project, who supported the project in all conditions.

How can I purchase ElonTech?

Step 1: Transfer BNB as a BEP 20 token on the Binance Smart Chain to your Trust Wallet/Metamask.

Step 2: Go to and connect your wallet there.

Step 3: Paste the contract address of ETCH in the To section and import the token.

Step 4: Swap your BNB to ETCH with slippage 0.1% .

When will ETCH get listed on exchanges?

Applications to the world’s top exchanges will be submitted in November for getting ETCH listed.

What steps are being taken for the marketing of ETCH?

Famous YouTubers/crypto influencers including UpNextCrypto were hired to promote ETCH. Furthermore, ETCH Spartans and the team members are 24/7 active on social platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook etc. to promote the token.

What is the ETCH platform?

ETCH - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

What is a Non-fungible Token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of digital token that represents a unique asset. These can either be entirely digital assets or tokenized versions of real-world assets. As NFTs are not interchangeable with each other, they function as proof of authenticity and ownership within the digital realm.


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* Elon Inu (Sister project) is delayed and planned for its launch in Feb 21. Please stay patient and we will compensate the holders. However, meanwhile, you can buy the tokens from pancake swape. It’s highly discounted and we won’t disappoint you this time.

* For partnerships and marketing proposals, use our email [email protected]