The first Tech Valley
Crypto Token

* Dev Wallet and Liquidity is locked.

* ElonTech will spend 5% of its Tech Valley revenue to burn the coins each month.

* Check out the great sister token of ElonTech, ElonInu – build for humanity.

Why Invest in ETCH?

Target 1: Planned to reach $1 mark by Dec 21

Target 2: Tech Valley with asset ownership of holders by Dec 21

Total Tokens: 34,979,803,438,049

Burned Tokens: 10,117,034,526,869.3375

Burning Stats: We are 3 months old and burned 10% each month to achieve $1. We will continue this practice until $1.

Guaranteed: No Rug Pulls

Burning: 2.5% weekly until $1

No Ownership: 100% Community Owned*


The ETCH token is the foundation of Tech Valley. It will be the default currency used to develop, build, buy, and sell Tech Valley assets.

1st Ever Launching of ElonTech (ETCH) IDO was done from 1st May to 10th May 2021 at a half-rate discounted price. Subsequently, on 10th May, it was launched on PancakeSwap.

A great opportunity to make a broader audience of ElonTech. We are aiming at connectivity between world-renowned IT sectors. The ultimate goal is to achieve $1 and building the best Tech Valley on planet Earth.

ETCH Token

ETCH is soon going to launch games, NFTs and start more activities that will help to increase the token value along with its tech valley mission.

Being a future-oriented token, ElonTech breaks the current trend of DeFi tokens used to lure investors with bells and whistles that rarely provide any benefit to token holders. Binance Smart Chain’s low transaction fees support trading ETCH affordable for anyone.

Ownership of the contract was renounced soon after technical aspects clearance. This means that the code cannot be changed by anyone.

Phase 1

Conceive Token​.  Social Media Presence. Website Creation.

Phase 2

Prime Boosters
Strap in for launch

Phase 3

Explore ElonTech – where Tech awaits all. IDO starts from 1st May – 10th May.

Phase 4

Be Tradeable on Pancake Swap from 11th May. Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. 

Phase 5

Listing on exchanges. Development & heavy expansion of the usage. Partnerships & more.

Phase 6

Buying Lambo. Hitting $1. Start of 1st IT valley. Revolution starts from here.

Tokenomics & Pre-sale

We believe in tokenomics so our crypto asset is.

15% Research and

15% Founders

5% Marketing and Teams

6% Pre ICO Sales

1% Bounties
and Giveaways

for unplanned situations

Burns and Rewards:

We will keep burning the Tokens until it hits $1. ETCH is not a meme coin but a complete business in itself. The token will stay alive for life as once the Tech Valley came into being, it’s impossible to replace it. Tech Valley assets can be purchased, build, and sold from only ETCH tokens using a simple game, NFT, or app. We plan to go with all these three.

We are running different contests on daily basis. To stay updated, please follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

ElonTech the Revolution
in the Crypto World

ElonTech (ETCH) is build to benefit it's every holder. It's not another crypto token but a complete revolution in itself.

ElonTech History & Achievements

From in house purchase of tokens to the listing of Pancake swap. Grab it now.


  • Fair Launch
  • Website creation
  • Whitepaper completion
  • Social Media presence
  • Verified Contract
  • Successful IDO and Presales

Technical Analysis

  • Audited by Several companies
  • Open source code
  • No Rugg Pulls
  • Financial Statements available
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • #1 Trending on CMC Thrice


  • Market Cap: Reached Over a Billion USD
  • $1 By Dec 2021
  • Marketed by All big Youtubers
  • The token price went above 30x

Challenges & Pros

  • No Competitors in the market
  • Market crashed after launch
  • Still pumped a lot
  • Listing on Binance & CoinBase
  • Paper hands due to heavy profits


Minimum purchase is 50 Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 5% to 25%
on every token purchase


Every idea has to start somewhere. For us, this was inception.

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April 21, 2021

ElonTech IDO

We started the IDO of ETCH on DXSale

Get Pre-sale tokens

May 01, 2021

ElonTech is officially on PanCake Swap

The release of our long-awaited token. Ownership of the contract was renounced on this day. This means that the code cannot be changed by anyone.

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May 10th, 2021

ElonTech launched ElonInu

The release of our charity based token. ElonInu.

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Aug 1, 2021

ElonTech started listing on Exchanges

A reason to say „Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” We will submit our application to CoinBase, Binance, and more.

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September 25, 2021

ElonTech Mobile Application

You know the famed Steve Jobs saying ”There’s an app for that?”. Of course, there had to be an app for ElonTech as well.

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Dec, 2021

Launch of First Tech Valley

Yes, you heard it right! We will launch the first Tech valley in any part of the Earth by Q4 of 2021.

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Q4, 2021

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*100% Community owned. We will renounce ownership before 31st Dec after burning 2-2.5% each week. We are still the custodians for burning the tokens as it’s necessary to burn each month, and the owner can do it.