A Revolution in Crypto & IT Industry

ElonTech, a modernized project, was idealized by a tech company that was constantly seeing itself entangled in finding a loophole of Information Technology and Blockchain in this era of digitization in the emerging globe.

ElonTech is the first-ever concept in Blockchain and digitization storm that will help underdeveloped and underprivileged countries to become a link with Information Technology and Blockchain ogres through the Silicon Valley concept.

Primarily concentrating on Blockchain, ElonTech will offer its coin with IDO and ICO by linking with major platforms (Polka starter, Pancake swap, Uni swap) for trade in the crypto market. Aiming at fetching Information Technology gaps, ElonTech will focus on Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, Robotics, and Advanced automated formulas to make a revolution with regards to efficiency and effectiveness in Blockchain and IT industry. The ultimate is to develop the tech valleys around the globe.

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Mission & Vision

To foster revolution in terms of Information Technology, including big data and crypto, with the help of the prodigious community

To mark enhanced and advanced footprint regarding Technology in the entire world with paramount emphasis on underdeveloped areas.







Team Members